Simply Put: What is the Bible?

Even those that consider themselves “Good Christians” sometimes have a hard time eloquently responding to the most basic of questions regarding our faith. I definitely fall in this category in many instances, so I hope this series of Q&A on important topics of Christian Theology will first be Biblically truthful, and be helpful to the newcomer or the so-called seasoned “Good Christian”.

The Bible seems to be an easy enough  thing to describe, but have you ever really stood back and looked at the main points, common themes, obviously different characteristics and historical and cultural significance of  What is the Bible?


The Bible is:

Inerrant, God Breathed Word. (Psalm 119:160, 2 Tim 3:16) The Bible is composed of  one complete book made up of sixty-six smaller books, or literary works. It is important to note that these literary works vary in style and author because they serve different purposes in the overall body of text and implication of God’s revelation to man.

The Bible is:

Made up of two separate groups of texts called the “Old Testament” and the”New Testament” sometimes called covenant, meaning agreement. Both covenants show a relational agreement between God and humanity. The Old Testament displayed God’s Creation and his agreement with His chosen people, the Jews, at Mount Sinai (Exodus 19-31). The Old Testament also foretold and anticipated the New covenant when God would choose to draw all people to himself.  The New Testament is the fulfillment of promises of salvation through the Messiah since the fall of man into sin, command to spread the good news, and announcement that Christ will return someday to restore Creation from sin forever.

The grand theme in the Bible is that God has delivered His chosen people from the punishment of sin, and offered His saving grace through Jesus Christ for those that believe and thereby eternal life in a relationship with the Father, Son and His Holy Spirit.

I admittedly borrow a lot of great information from 40 Questions about Interpreting the Bible by Dr. Robert Plummer, and I urge you to do more thorough research on your own in his book and from reading The Bible yourself.


2 thoughts on “Simply Put: What is the Bible?

  1. I think that many try to make the Bible much more complicated than necessary. It sounds as if you understand it’s meaning…perhaps the greatest question is what will we do with it?

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