Prayer for My Children, God’s Children.

Dear Lord,

Without your grace Lord I fail. How can I possibly avoid failing your greatest commandment without Your grace? I can not. I thank you Lord for your holiness and love that provides me with the only good in me.

I pray that I rely on you only. I pray that I worship you only. I pray that it shows. Let my words be worthy of your ears, and my thoughts worthy of your eyes. I pray that with every waking day I shine with pure joy and awe that you have allowed me to exist that very day.

I pray that you humble me as you see fit, and strengthen me in Christ alone. I beg for mercy for my sin and my failure to selflessly worship you and only you. I am eternally grateful that you knew this already and provided your Son in my place Lord.

I ask these things so that with my Life I can be a light and an example to these two children you have entrusted me with.

In Christ’s name, for Your glory-

Deuteronomy 6


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