So you call yourself a Christian…

Lets start out by stating that I know I am not God, and understanding that, one would have to evaluate someone else very carefully by simply looking for the biblical evidences of a converted heart. Some call this “being saved” or “redeemed” or “born again”, bottom line regardless of the label, there is a time in every true Christian’s heart where he or she has received an unworthy gift of grace from God that was paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ himself to appease the very wrath of God that every human deserves due to our sinful, wicked nature.  (Did you just get offended by being called wicked?)

Where’s the Spiritual Fruit?

  1. Do they love Christ, His Word, and His people?
  2. Is there a hatred of their sin?  Is there a desire to share the gospel?
  3. Is there a longing for the things of God?
  4. Is there a desire to learn and grow?

At this very moment in time the converted Christian, by faith in Jesus Christ alone, will have a change of heart. Yep, like it or not the Holy Spirit can do that.  The true Christian will be completely disgusted with the filth and desires of one’s sinful nature and will truly repent of their sins before God. To repent means, turn away from. In other words…NO LONGER DESIRE TO SIN ANY LONGER.

Now lets talk a little bit here about the biblical definition of sin. Yeah this is the time to pay attention, because we have all sinned, even the nice little old church lady that faithfully hands out candy to the kids, even the preacher, even the Apostle Paul. YOU, ME, YOUR KIDS….”All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.”  Now that we know who has sinned and I have your attention lets look at sin.   I will list a few and then bring that thing we all learned in Sunday School into the picture, the Ten Commandments. The Law.

Idolatry. – what do you love more than God? What have you justified to yourself instead of loving God…Sports, your kids, your job, yourself, stuff, cars, money, Idolatry is ugly because it touches most everyone if we are not careful.

Tongue and Throats – what do you talk about? Who do you talk about? what words come out…unless they are for building up, then I am sorry …ding ding ding=sin.

Eyes- Lust and Idolatry come through the portals of the human heart…this can destroy the soul….and fast.

Body….We have seen throughout scripture that God has created the human soul, and body as a unique and special being. We are in the very image of God with a specific identity as a man or a woman who are to remain pure in spirit, mind and BODY, free from unbiblical pervisions, fornication, sexual immorality and even gluttony.

Neighbor, covetousness, honor parents, etc… I just listed a whole bunch of things that ultimately are revealed to us because of the Law given to us by God so that we may know our own sin, so we may repent and turn away from it!

[19] Now we know that whatever the law says it speaks to those who are under the law, so that every mouth may be stopped, and the whole world may be held accountable to God. [20] For by works of the law no human being will be justified in his sight, since through the law comes knowledge of sin. (Romans 3:19-20 ESV)

So you call yourself a Christian and still live in sin? I am not saying its okay, but I will admit I still fail too and nothing I can do will ever earn my way to “righteousness”. Nothing I can do on my own power will ever be stronger than my own sinful desires. But He can. Only by the grace of God through the power of His holy spirit does he provide the will and the strength to turn from sin.

So you call yourself a Christian and do not hunger for the very Word of God? Trust me on this one, there is no where in scripture that says you would be a disciple of Christ and not be eager to take in every teaching from The Word you could take. No where in scripture does it say God is a “feeling” one gets. No where in scripture does it confirm that a person will miraculously hear or see a sign about what to do in life, the only counsel we have, the only way we know anything about God for that matter is by His Word.

So you call yourself a Christian and your heart is not completely broken at the thought of someone going to Hell simply because they do not know what the true Gospel is?

So you call yourself a Christian and there is somewhere you would rather be on Sunday than worshiping the very God who gave you your last breath and is withholding His wrath out of shear mercy?

So you call yourself a Christian and you think you deserve it?

I know this may sound harsh, but the reality is we take this title “Christian” and have basically treated it like pennies…it once had meaning, it once had value, but in this culture, this American culture were people pursue God to improve themselves, or use him as a crutch when times are bad, or as the dude you got to be friends with to get into heaven, only so you can see your loved ones….well guess what…that type of Christianity is worthless, like a penny, people toss it around with little thought and without reverence.

Unless you are convinced by the very Word of God and the biblical evidences of true conversion, pray that God will change your heart and when He does run to him and cling on for dear life, bury yourself in the Word, be fervent in prayer, spread the news and worship like you are going to die tomorrow. And remind yourself in every prayer, like the tax collector, to have mercy on me a sinner.

If you aren’t called to do those things, don’t give His body a bad name, remove the term Christian from your vocabulary.


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