A prayer of rejoicing in Christ – reflections on #TGC11

Our eternally sovereign and holy God,  

You have been so gracious in your works.

Your grace is bountiful in all of Creation.

You lifted the veil and shared with us your light.

You restrained your wrath and sent us instruction.

You gave us your Word. You gave us your Son.

Graciously you were born a mere man, fulfilled your promises and carried The Cross.

Mercifully you drank our just reward, our cup greater than a thousand burning hurricanes of destruction, shame and suffering .

You chose us. Only because your righteousness demands justice and mercy, you chose to remove the stone in my heart.

How blessed to be spared, how blessed to be among the few, how blessed to be able to approach you, how blessed to know you.

You gave me life, you give me life, you sustain my life, you are my life and to die is gain.

Keep me in your ways oh Lord, guard me from my wickedness, my flesh is weak, the enemy is strong, but You are mighty.

Guard me from pride, kill my idolatry, humble me, break me, Let me serve you. Let me bring you glory.

You are pure and holy. You instruct us in The Way. You spared me from eternal torment.

Oh Lord of Lords,

My sinful heart asks how am I ever to honor You enough?

I am not able, I do not have the power. I cannot.

But under the glow of your sufficient imputed righteousness, I have all that I need.

Lord, may I be reminded to rejoice in you and your work on that tree.

For it is in Christ’s name we plea, rest and rejoice,


(Marc E. Mullins, April 14, 2011)

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