Review of Soulprint: Discovering Your Divine Destiny…

Mark Batterson of National Community Church recent workSoulprint: Discovering Your Divine Destiny [Paperback] “SoulPrint: Discovering your Divine Destiny” is the kind of book that I almost anticipate finding in most Christian bookstores and Christian section of box stores or chain bookstores. 

It is not entirely a bad thing, as it could definitely help the person whose identity is wrapped up in worldy things, concepts or identities self developed or assumed instead of the Image of Christ. SoulPrint covers a timely and critical topic.

I first note that I especially appreciate the differentiation made between genetic (physical make-up) and SoulPrint (God’s ultimate purpose for our lives).

Claiming not to be a self-help book Batterson starts right out stating it is not, but it does tread the line and even allude to self-help in some occasions or with its verbiage. He guides the reader through

I also appreciated the topics which left to discerning the SoulPrint to determine if it is a God thing:

“just because something looks like or feels like a God thing doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a God thing… An opportunity isn’t an opportunity if you have to compromise your integrity”

Overall, the book is helpful for a new believer or even a youth/student provided they are coached along with someone who can provide clarification with sound theology to completely understand the line between what God does in us, and through us versus what we can get from God, as well as biblical standards of manhood and womanhood among others. I say these things because the book appeared to be light on theological explanation as to why this is such as critical topic.

Soul Print can definitely be a good conversation starter with a mentor and copy of God’s Word.

(SoulPrint was provided as a free copy in exchange for writing review by waterbrookmultnomah)

via marc mullins\’ review of Soulprint: Discovering Your Divine Destiny….

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