Honestly I was a little unfamiliar with Galileo until this book. I knew he was a man of science but to what extent I was not sure. Thankfully through the book I was able to become more acquainted with him, his accomplishments and his religious convictions.

What I felt was so beneficial of this book, compared to others, was the emphasis put on his argument for the church, Christianity and Scripture as well as his advance in science. As a person who likes to study how early scientists and philosophers influence the worldviews we experience today I thought it was brilliant for that purpose.

Worthy of being a reference for study, but not so academic that a lay person could not read, this one strikes a healthy balance between factual presentation and descriptive narrative. I wish we could have him around today for modern scientific discussions and the polarity we have seen between science and religion today.

This book was provided as a member of the Booksneeze review program free in exchange for an honest review of the material.

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