What Does The World Really Need From Christians? via Blogging Theologically




In thinking about this question, I was greatly encouraged by what I read in Michael Horton’s The Gospel Commission:

We do not need more political, moral, and cultural crusades. Instead, what we need are “salty” Christians whose robust faith and discipleship shape the way they think, live, and exercise their gifts, training, and wisdom in their callings. We do not need more churches called to active duty in the culture wars. What we need are more churches that are resalinization instead of desalinization plants, churches that are dedicated to making disciples who are not only forgiven and renewed in Christ but also well taught and actually active in the world—in their families, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and volunteer organizations, loving their neighbors through their vocational excellence as well as through their witness to Christ.

Michael Horton, The Gospel Commission: Recovering God’s Strategy for Making Disciples, p. 242

What most I most appreciated in this was Horton’s reminder that there is not an either/or for the Christian life. Your life can’t be all about being active in the world, but not about doctrine anymore than you can be about doctrine while remaining inactive in the world. We don’t need “deeds without creeds,” because it doesn’t work in practice—our deeds are always grounded in our doctrine. So what we need instead is a robust faith, as Horton aptly puts it; one that allows rich teaching to inform and inspire the believer to act in response.

Deeds grounded in and encouraged by sound doctrine.

That’s a pretty inspiring vision, don’t you think?


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