Be a Man, not a girly man.

This topic is not to be taken lightly. I cannot stress the importance of the topic of this book enough. In this post-Christian post-modern world, any God given traits and identities that are the will of our Creator are being challenged, questioned and down-right disgraced in the pursuit of acceptance, self-assurance, secularism, and equality. As the world attempts to undo what God has imparted in the very DNA of each of His specimens, we must purposely and diligently work to maintain the very identities that God has ingrained in our biology and commanded us to display in Scripture.

That’s where “Secure Daughters Confident Sons” comes in. Glenn T. Stanton has given us a valuable resource for parents, and ministry leaders who are faced with simple questions like “Why is my son so timid and afraid of everything?” or Where did chivalry go? “My son doesn’t play like a boy…” or girls that have not desire to become a mother, my daughter is not confident in herself around boys and I am afraid this could lead to some dangerous decisions.

Stanton addresses these questions and many more throughout his book and shows us how each parent must fulfill their God-given roles and furthermore how there actions and traits model what the child will see as well.

In the world “two daddy families”, submissive husbands who can’t lead, men who live in fear of responsibility and reaction, I would implore everyone to read, and read carefully, take inventory of the detailed traits in this book and begin to be intentional on their implementation. Lastly, Fathers: You Must Make the First Move!

I was provided this book free by Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for an honest review, no requirements of the review or compensation was given for a desirable review.

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