5 Tips for Getting the Church to Support the Kids Ministry

5 Tips for Getting the Church to Support the Kids Ministry

When a church has a small membership or is experiencing some type of transition, children’s ministry may not be their top priority. However, for a children’s ministry to be healthy, it needs the support of the church. The key to changing the misconception that this ministry is unimportant is to two-fold. First, you need to garner the support of your pastor, and second, you need the support of parents and grandparents. These 5 tips for getting the church to support this important facet of the church.

#1 — Talk about the value of Children’s Ministry. According to Christianity Today, “Children’s consistent attendance serves as a foundation that makes building a relationship with God more likely.” What a true statement! Focus on getting this important truth to the pastor. Gather material about the importance of consistent attendance and highlight the pertinent passages with a yellow marker. You could print our list of 68 practical benefits or video about why children’s ministry is important.

#2 – Demonstrate that your children are learning by assigning weekly memory verses. Teach the children to share the most recent scripture they have learned at the dinner table or before bed with their family. Check out our list of easy memory verses for kids to get started.

#3 – This may go against the grain here but perhaps you should change your perception first. Instead of thinking of your kids ministry as a “just for kids” ministry you should change the focus to “family ministry.” Focus on ministering to the whole family, through the children, of course. For example, speak personally to parents and guardians about “partnering.” Assure them that you are on their side and encourage them to speak openly about the challenges their children face.

#4 – It is good to know how best to communicate with the church about kids ministry. Host a special lunch or coffee hour for parents and ask them how they would like to receive information from you. This helps build relationships with the church members and gives you important information about how to communicate. Use their feedback to design a weekly email, bulletin updates or personal notes about what’s happening in children’s ministry.

#5 – Involve your kids in active ministry. Show don’t tell. Involve the kids in service around the church like taking out the garbage or tidying up the foyers. Put your little army to work serving the church. Their hard work won’t go unappreciated.

Read the whole article here at 5 Tips for Getting the Church to Support the Kids Ministry.

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