Billy Graham in Quotes- a nice volume of wisdom from one of Christianity's greats

Billy Graham in Quotes

Billy Graham in quotes you say? I haven’t read much about or by Billy Graham, honestly. But, to have him in quotes is very handy. The book is formatted in a very organized fashion. These quotes are nicely put under categories for easy reference to each speaking engagement or text they were drawn from.

Even if I do not agree with some crusade type evangelism techniques or theologically him on every issue, some of which I reaffirmed our variances in theology during this overview. We could not in good faith say that Graham was anything but a man of God who has cared for lost and dying souls. God has certainly used him to His Glory with Graham’s life that is not over yet and with this book!

I recommend it for pastors reference, a nice discussion book or a go to book to get one of the world’s greats perspective.

The book was provided free from the publisher in exchange for this review, a positive review was not required.

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