Billy Graham -Nearing Home

To read this book and not walk away pondering what it means to rightly understand the text in Hebrew 12 would be a failure. Reverend Billy Graham gives everyone wise and God glorifying wisdom on how to age well, and ultimately die well. He knows and writes in this book in such a way that in many cases one would think his best days are behind him. Billy Graham knows otherwise however, He knows and writes in a way that looks forward to the best days that are not yet experienced.

He writes from the position of someone who God has graced with many years, and we have all been blessed by His years I might add, but mostly I want to highlight his focus on living in light of eternity. He does not avoid the truths of aging. He certainly gives wise counsel to anyone about how to live for God’s glory until our last breath. We can all learn from this book from age 15 to 115. Praise God for Billy Graham and the giving him the ability to write these words to a world caught up in the moment.

This book was provided free in exchange for an honest review through the Booksneeze blogger program.

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