It’s Good to be Blogging Again.

It’s good to be blogging again. Well, at least some original content.

My plan for now is to look at specific areas related to family over a period of about 12 weeks and then I will reevaluate and go from there.

The  first half of the schedule will look something like this:

1) Perfect Family: a look at the beauty in God’s design for family.

2) What Happened: a look at the ugly state of the family in a fallen world.

3) The Golden Calf: our children, the idol.

4) Is my child a Christian?

5) Double Header::::::The Trinitarian Household: Ephesians 5 / God, Spouse, Child. In that order

6) The Old Guys: what the puritans said about family

7) Traits of the Biblical Man

8) A Review of Family Discipleship & Devotional Resources

9) Deuteronomy Dads

10) Daughter of Christ, Wife, Mom

11) Daughters: Shotguns and Shovels or a godly approach to teach your daughter about men.

12) Boys 2 Men: from child to Priest, Prophet and King.


Got two cents? Leave them here.

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