Courageous: my thoughts on the book

Now I am going to be completely honest on this topic. I want to be completely transparent on the fact that I am without reservation totally in agreement that fathers, today, need more than anything to grasp and respond to The Gospel, and to be the leader in their homes in submission and service to the Lord. So when I heard that this book/movie was the next installment of the Sherwood productions I was excited. Not that I am so intrigued by the great technical art in their movies, but because this is a topic that desperately needs a revival of concern and attention.

I thoroughly enjoy Randy Alcorn more often than not, his faithfulness to biblical truth and gospel centrality has again came through in this book, but nonetheless I found I enjoy him as a non-fiction author more than the dramatic genre. I think he would have the opportunity to him bring home the biblical mandate to fatherhood as spiritual leader had he had that forum in which to write. Nonetheless I can say Randy Alcorn is likely the source of what I liked most about the book. It was certainly emotionally intriguing and a cause for reflection and change as a father, so I commend that effort.

Now what I would have liked to see more of was focus on the grand themes of the gospel. God as Creator and righteous judge, man as sinful and condemned, Christ as Savior and Redeemer whom is available to wash away our sin through grace by faith to reconcile fallen man to God, and the best context in which to communicate this message is within the context of the family modeled by the father, the humble servant leader.

Tyndale kindly offered the book in exchange for a review, in which I obliged. My review is not the most detailed in a chapter by chapter replay, as many have seen the movie and I encourage reading the book, by it is more a theological reflection and if I were in the writers shoes kind of reflection.


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