The books I am most excited about in 2012

This list is certainly not comprehensive, and not in order of importance or preference. These are however books that I am aware of  available this year that I hope to soak in, learn and grow from. My list is rather short, but then again I am in Seminary at Southern and as a result I likely will not get to all of these either. What are some of yours?
    1. The Intolerance of Tolerance – D.A. Carson, Eerdmans

    1. Christ-Centered Biblical Theology – Graeme Goldsworthy, IVP

    1. Loving the Way Jesus loves – Phil Ryken, Crossway

    1. Revelation: The Spirit Speaks to The Churches – Jim Hamilton, Crossway

    1. Marriage and the Family: Biblical Essentials – Andreas Kostenberger and David Jones, Crossway

Then there is the leftovers from last year. This is what I have yet to finish that are certainly going to be on the top of the list to read that were released last year:

  1. Bonheoffer – Eric Metaxas, Thomas Nelson
  2. King’s Cross – Timothy Keller, Dutton

Sprinkled in among these are also several works from classic authors, Puritans, and Church Fathers such as C.S. lewis, Richard Baxter and Jonathan Edwards as well as Calvin and Augustine.  I also hope to read some Wendell Berry Essays and more from Larry Woiwode

Got two cents? Leave them here.

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