Upcoming Blog Posts…..Check These Out

I will be releasing one blog post per week by Thursday P.M beginning next week., as I begin to transition out of merely aggregating great Gospel oriented content from the rest of the blogosphere into more original content. Not that I believe I will contribute anything world-changing to the discussion, but I do hope and pray that it allows me to improve my writing, glorify God in my little corner of the world, and if The Lord wills, to bring someone into a deeper, more biblically faithful conversation than they can get in the “Today What God Wants You To Know..” page on Facebook.
  1. The Golden Calf: Good intentions gone bad, making idols of children and family
  2. Towards The New Jerusalem: Hope for the redeemed in light of Revelation 21
  3. And I Will Give You Rest: C.O.M.A. Questions on Matthew 11:25-30
  4. Book Review – Biblical Theology in the Life of The Church: A Guide for Ministry
  5. Dear Paul, It’s Timothy. A fictional letter from Timothy to Paul in a modern Gospel Ministry from a young, green disciple and disciple-maker of The Lord Jesus Christ
  6. T4G: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Please pray for me as I continue to develop these, that ultimately I will remain fair to authors and faithful to the text and The Gospel as I aim to give Him Glory in these posts.

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen.

(Revelation 22:21 ESV)


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