Better than others But comes with some caution


It’s Mark Driscoll, what did you expect? That was my initial reaction. The King of contextualization has not been dishonest with himself in this book, but nonetheless I do have some specific theological and moral hesitations or cautions on some areas of sexual conduct addressed in his book.

What I liked:
I loved, more than others, his Wife’s chapter on being a submissive or Godly wife in a complementarian family.
She laid it all out there, and I am grateful for it because sometimes it is easy to preach to the women to submit and so forth, but it sometimes goes a little bit further to those who are not quite ready to hear that from a man in this egalitarian feminazi world we live in. So she did Ephesians, Titus 3 and Proverbs 31 a justice in just being real.

That is what I love so much about the Driscolls, keeping it real adds a level of authenticity to Christianity that real people, by real I mean sinful, carnal and worldly people that desperately need to see that God redeems them moreso than the self-righteous.k

What I didn’t like:
Well let’s just say the chapters on what goes on in the bedroom may not be the most faithful to the biblical norms of marriage. Now I am a married man with two lovely children, a beautiful wife and am a man, so I know what it means to have sexual desires. I know the difference between healthy and unhealthy desires, biblical and unbiblical. I cannot concede that God had intended for somethings to be normal and acceptable within the confines of marriage if they may or may not be the results of sinful lust filled desires that have corrupted our understanding of God’s purpose of marriage and sex in particular.

Now that is all the detail I am going to give on that note. Other than that I commend the book for most who need to hear from a real dude and real woman what God intends marriage to look like. God designs us particularly different with specific expectations for our gender which specific roles in the home, family, church and society. I think this book is a good resource on that topic.

I received the book in exchange for this review from the BookSneeze program from Thomas Nelson. I was not required to submit a positive review in this program.

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