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He came on to the scene rather unremarkable, and then in veiled commentary to the unsuspecting onlooker,
brought to fruition the hope of mankind ever since God promised to bruise the head of the serpent (Gen 3:15).
Within the book, the reader will quickly sense a progressive tempo that points forward toward a definite climax in Matthew’s account of Jesus’ life and ministry on earth, the moment where the final destructive blow to the evil one will be dealt. As the reader progresses, he is instructed in truth and witnesses mercy, compassion, love,obedience, and compassion (Matt 5-7) along with awe-inspiring miracles evidencing the extraordinary power of this seemingly ordinary man, Jesus (Matt 14-15). As Matthew began to reveal more and more of what the future holds (Matt 20-25,and moving toward the crescendo of Jesus’ life and ministry (Matt 26-27), we see a pattern of humble service,teaching, and subversive activities that seem to quell any surface level inclination that he is indeed the promised Messiah (Matt 27:54). Moreover, everything recorded about his life in this gospel from the perspective of the Jewish onlooker appeared to be antithetical to this promised Danielic King, who would radiate in glory and majesty. But that all changed in Matthew 25:31-46.

Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah, the promised Suffering Servant and Conquering Son of Man. He has fulfilled all requisite duties to satisfy the will of God on earth. Through his death, resurrection, ascension and bestowed Holy Spirit upon his covenant people, he has inaugurated the beginning of the end….Without notice, he will finish what he began on Calvary, ridding the land of its rebels, crushing the ruler of the present evil age forever and leading his people out of exile into the Promised Land. Be ready.

Read the entire paper here: Thy Kingdom Come

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