The VeggieTale-ization of teaching The Gospel to our children and youth

At The Gospel Coalition national conference in Chicago, IL, BibleMesh conducted three panel discussions. Above is the final of the three, entitled “How to Teach Children and Youth the Gospel Story,” which was held at 12:30pm on Thursday, April 14 in Chicago. Greg Thornbury of BibleMesh led the discussion, which featured panelists Russell Moore, David Helm, and Kimberly Thornbury.

The discussion ranged from particular obstacles that pop up in teaching our children the gospel, how to teach parents to understand the Bible in order to teach their children, and helpful resources. Below are some of the resources mentioned:

Kimberly Thornbury mentioned Ethel Barrett books that are out of print, but can be easily found used. A good example is Barrett’s Abraham: God’s Faithful Pilgrim (Great Heroes of the Bible Series).
David Helm, Big Picture Story Bible (Crossway)
Sally Lloyd-Jones, Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name (Zondervan)


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