Geerhardus Vos on Interpreting Prophecy and Biblical Theology

…prophecy something more than bar, undisciplined skill in expounding single passages, turning them to a certain preconceived account, more than acquired gift for atomistic scholarly exegesis; it requires that much rarer gift of sufficient historic sense to transport oneself into the consciousness of the nascent church of the New Testament and to gather from its sense of living halfway in the fulfillment and out of the fulfillment the knowledge of prophecy, if it was intended to fit into this fulfillment must have really meant e mente Dei (“from the mind of God”). This is a method of sounding the deep waters of the prophecy and bringing up from this depth the kernel-treasures of its original divine conception….Jeremiah 30:24.

Geerhardus Vos, p. 145 The Eschatology of the Old Testament, Ed. James T. Dennison Jr.


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