Book Review: Christian Biographies for Young Readers – Anselm of Canterbury @CF_Reviews

One of the things I love about being a homeschooling parent, or a Christian parent for that matter, is the ability to supplement the devotion time with my kids or instructional time during homeschool and to begin instilling their hearts and minds a Christian worldview and an appreciation for the giants on whom shoulders Christians stand.

The Christian Biographies for Young Readers series is a great resource to accomplish just that. As a Seminary student and during my studies of Systematic Theology or Christian Philosophy, Anselm was certainly brought up and to my appreciation it was very thorough and detailed in a way that made available the details for those kids who are curious without being inaccessible to a young reader.

In this writing Ms. Carr includes a variety of well-selected quotes, a biblical perspective that points to The Good News of Jesus Christ who became man and why. Also woven throughout are engaging illustrations by Abraxas which only serve to bring the facts presented in the story alive. Like most children books, it is hardbound, glossy and eye-catching. It is sure to stand up to years of readiness to be read even by those who do not handle books with delicacy.

In all the series is essential to begin learning how The Church became who she is today and why we believe what we believe. In an age of skepticism and relativity, it is never too early to begin the journey to a robust faith and informed worldview that is further enabled with this series!

Thanks to Cross Focused Reviews for the opportunity to read and review this work with my son. I was not required to provide a positive review but a fair and honest engagement with the material in exchange for this review copy.

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