12 Books Every Christian Needs to Read Sooner Than Later

Every Christian Should Read These Books.

Yes, Every Christian.

I have spent several years now burdened with the joyous call to equip the Saints. That is one of the many duties of an Overseer (Ephesians 4:12-13). Therefore in a more intentional effort I have compiled a list in no particular order and that is by no means exhaustive to provide resources for the renewing of one’s mind (Romans 12:2-3) and that address fundamental issues for the Christian as they journey on this Earth as a part of the The Body of Christ. I heartily commend these works to you.

None of these are to intended or able to accomplish what only a heart-changing encounter with God’s Holy Word captured in an essentially literal translation of the Holy Bible can, but they are merely supplements. One for each month.

  1. Nine Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever

2. The Trellis and the Vine: The Ministry Mind-Shift That Changes Everything – Collin Marshall and Tony Payne

3. What Is the Mission of the Church?: Making Sense of Social Justice, Shalom, and the Great Commission – Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert

4. Instruments In The Redeemer’s Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change – Paul Tripp

5. 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible – Robert L. Plummer

6. Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know – Wayne and Elliot Grudem

7. Tell the Truth: The Whole Gospel Wholly by Grace Communicated Truthfully and Lovingly (an evangelism manual on the message and methods of God-Centered witnessing for group or individual use) – Will Metzger

8. What is The Gospel? – Greg Gilbert

9. Knowing God – J.I. Packer

10. Suffering Well: The Predictable Surprise of Christian Suffering – Paul Grimmond

11. Spiritual Disciplines For the Christian Life – Donald S. Whitney

12. Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther – Roland B. Bainton

2 thoughts on “12 Books Every Christian Needs to Read Sooner Than Later

  1. Good list – I’ve only read a couple of these, have a few on my to-be-read list, and haven’t heard of some but will check them out. The main purpose of my site is to promote books I believe every Christian should read – fiction and history/biography as well as non-fiction – so this gives me some more books to look into and possibly add to my list.

    Here are just a couple I would add to books every Christian should read:
    The Holiness of God by R. C. Sproul, and The Attributes of God & The Sovereignty of God, both by A..W. Pink.

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