Book Review: The Gospel Call & True Conversion by Paul Washer

Paul Washer is not the most popular conference speaker. He does not preach in a flashy mega church. He has not authored a book that presents some new notion that sets his theological persuasion as the critical point of Christianity like some. In a sense Paul Washer and this book is very old. But in some ways I pray this new book and this name unknown to those who do not know of this YouTube Preaching phenomenon catches on but remains unchanged.

Paul Washer is like an old Puritan. He unapologetically and with crystal clarity proclaims what the True Gospel Call is to humanity and necessarily what True Conversion is as its result.

This book is old in that it has as its primary sources The Westminster Confession, The New Hampshire Confession and an essentially literal translation of Holy Scripture.

Paul Washer is not trying to sell your best life now, nor is he promising that your ministry will explode into unprecedented success. Paul Washer is simply and without hesitation explaining exactly what the Scriptures have taught since they were penned. The Gospel Call is the call to Repent. After laying out the specific characteristics of biblical repentance in a person’s life he describes biblical faith and then on to conversion. All the while rebuking false notions of cheap grace, easily believism or revivalist sentimentalism that manufactures emotions instead of relying on the Spirit of God.

The Gospel Call & True Conversion is the most trustworthy book I have read on the topic. I say that because there are so many clichés in American Christianity, that one might consider them truth as if they are Scripture, so Washer addresses them heads on. Secondly, in a gracious and hermeneutically responsible manner, he refutes antinomianism, cheap grace and the other ilk that has represented the vast majority of evangelicalism in the past century.

Paul Washer is like a tested and tried wise sage speaking to an unstable youth. With wisdom and grace he boldly proclaims The Gospel Call and True Conversion with the biblical confidence of Spurgeon and the heart of a seasoned pastor.

A copy was provided by Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for an honest review.


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