A Case of The Mondays: Highlights From The Rest of The Web

The Center for Holistic Discipleship

Introducing “A Case of The Mondays” our weekly roundup from around the web of various articles, pictures, videos or whatever else strikes our interest. Even we understand most people need a kickstart on Monday morning, so enjoy!

Why I Left World Vision for Finance

On that trip, I was working on a project aimed at rehabilitating children and women who were victims of trafficking and child labor. But yesterday, I reached for the tie to wear to my new job as part-owner of a financial planning and wealth management firm in Atlanta. The distance between my two worlds—my former life as an international aid worker, and my current life serving some of the world’s most financially fortunate—seems unbridgeable some days.

On other days, the two worlds look more similar than I imagined.

I have had the privilege of working with people on both ends of the economic spectrum, from Sudanese…

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