A Case of The Mondays: Highlights From The Rest of The Web

Introducing “A Case of The Mondays” our weekly roundup from around the web of various articles, pictures, videos or whatever else strikes our interest. Even we understand most people need a kickstart on Monday morning, so enjoy!

Why I Left World Vision for Finance

On that trip, I was working on a project aimed at rehabilitating children and women who were victims of trafficking and child labor. But yesterday, I reached for the tie to wear to my new job as part-owner of a financial planning and wealth management firm in Atlanta. The distance between my two worlds—my former life as an international aid worker, and my current life serving some of the world’s most financially fortunate—seems unbridgeable some days.

On other days, the two worlds look more similar than I imagined.

I have had the privilege of working with people on both ends of the economic spectrum, from Sudanese refugees to suburban millionaires. Yet, if poverty is understood in terms of social constructs rather than economic ones, the playing field levels between the refugee and the investment banker (an idea that Christian thinkers like Bryant Myers and Tim Keller have written and preached on)

More Than a Dozen Twitter Accounts That Encourage You in Your Work

Glynn Young has been helping us do exactly that on The High Calling Twitter account where he does some incredible work. The man is a machine. And an incredible Christian mentor.

In addition to our own Twitter account, we’d like to suggest a few more Twitter accounts that will help encourage you in your work.

Should We Have Christian Companies?

Some companies have been identified as “Christian” by outside sources because of the convictions of their management. Others have openly branded themselves in this way by identifying with certain causes, printing Bible verses on its products, closing on Sundays, or playing Christian music in stores. This can be a great way to witness as long as the words of these businesses are consistent with their deeds.

God Gave You a Toolbox: Mike Rowe on Hard Work and the Knitting of Civilization

Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe has made a career out of elevating down-and-dirty labor, constantly reminding us to never take for granted the hands of those who keep society moving. The show was recently cancelled, but Rowe continues to spread his message, most recently in the cover story of the latest issue of Guideposts magazine (HT).



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