A Case of The Mondays: Highlights From The Rest of The Web 9/16/13

Introducing “A Case of The Mondays” our weekly roundup from around the web of various articles, pictures, videos or whatever else strikes our interest. Even we understand most people need a kickstart on Monday morning, so enjoy!

Five Tools for Thinking Biblically About Faith, Work, & Economics 

In a world of differing voices competing for our allegiance, God tells us that we must learn to “think biblically” so we can distinguish good from evil and act accordingly. We must learn to think differently – to think biblically – because what we think shapes who we are.

Five Encouragements for Everyday Work

Most Christian ministry is not vocational.Far and away, those not getting paid to do ministry are collectively doing much more on the frontlines for gospel advance than those getting a paycheck. According to Ephesians 4:12, the paid ministers aren’t supposed to do all of the ministry themselves, but “to equip the saints for the work of ministry.

The New Monasticism

A genuinely integrated Christian view regarding life and work must be cognizant of both perspectives regarding the world—and treat them with equal weight. It must be engaged in the world. It must be unengaged in worldliness. It must somehow correlate spiritual concerns with temporal concerns. It must coalesce heavenly hope and landed life. It must coordinate heartfelt faith and down-to-earth practice.

Unemployment as Sabbath: Learning to Trust in God

The experience of unemployment has been very real for many of us. The stress of not knowing how we can pay the mortgage or provide food for our families has hit millions of Americans in the last several years. And not only that, it is an emotional roller-coaster – the reality that we cannot find work can, in the words of Wunderink, “shed your self-respect.”But God is always at work for our good, as is promised in Romans 8:28.


As a thank you to all of those who have joined with us as we have launched Work and Keep, we would like to give back in the form of a free book. God at Work is an excellent resource for pastors and laity alike. I pray God blesses your reading of it to whomever is the winner. Thanks again and stay tune for more!



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